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Wellmed Stainless Steel Enema Bucket

Wellmed Health

Wellmed Stainless Steel Enema Bucket

R 1,200.00

Product Description

Enema is the best natural method to clean the colon, for body detoxification and managing constipation. The Stainless Steel Home Enema bucket is designed with extra care to make the enema an easy and a delightful experience. The kit has several components-Stainless Steel Enema bucket (sufficiently large and easy to clean), Enema Nozzle, Silicone Colon Tube and more. The kit is easy to assemble, easy to sterilize, accompanied with a detailed Enema Instruction Booklet to make the enema process easy, successful and satisfactory. An Enema is the single technique which is most effective in keeping the colon flushed and the body detoxified – Totally Unassisted!!

Having realized the enormous benefits of enemas and colon cleaning for health and youthfulness, the next obvious question is – Can I do an enema at home? Until some time ago, home enema kits were either very expensive or the cheap kits were of very poor quality making enemas difficult & messy.The Wellmed Stainless Steel Home enema kit changed all that!

Most importantly, the kit is accompanied by a detailed instructions, the first ever of its kind. It makes the whole process unbelievably EASY!

We also provide the guidelines on the procedure of how to do an Enema using coffee which is proving to be a great way to detox and clean your bowels..
Should you require additional info to assist you with Food Combining and Food Choices and Colon Cleansing then please download the following document for your reading :
What your Enema Equipment should have :
  • The container should be easy to clean and must not “age” with use. Enema bags suffer on both counts. They cannot be cleaned effectively and often the latex “sweats” over time. Containers of stainless steel are preferable.
  • The Enema Tubing (Hose) should preferably be latex-free & transparent. You will like to see the fluid flow during the enema.
  • There should also be an adjustable ‘pinch’ clamp over the tubing to easily manage liquid flow.
  • The Colon tube or enema insertion tip should preferably be sterilized and replaceable as well as latex-free
  • The Enema Equipment should be easy to use.
Features of the WELLMED STAINLESS STEEL Home Enema kit: ( Bucket Stainless Steel )
  • Extremely easy to assemble and use.
  • Enema Can – Clinically hygienic and easy to clean after each use. Capacity of 2 Litres.
  • Enema Nozzle
  • Pinch Clamp
  • 1 x Anal Tip , 1 x Vaginal Tip
  • Latex-free PVC Hose (Enema Tubing, Tube Length 1.3 Meters)
  • Latex-free, catheter tip – ensures hygiene, comfort and a deeper cleanse. You can buy more of these tips,
  • Detailed Enema Instructions
  • Separate supply of individual enema parts and various Kits also available.

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