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Wellmed Enema Bag

Wellmed Health

Wellmed Enema Bag

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Product Description

Wellmed Enema Bag

Almost all the Enema bag kits in the market are actually hot-water bottle systems which have been ‘converted’ to enemas through the use of adapters. This can pose a problem with leaky fittings & adapters. The fountain bag style is what enema bags should be – this bag is open on top for easy filling & cleaning. We also provide a detailed instruction manual with the kit to make the enema experience easier and informative. The enema bag ensures a thorough cleansing in the comfort of your own home.

Components for the Wellmed Enema bag kits:

  • Enema Bag
  • Enema Hose with an adjustable pinch clamp
  • Silicone based tubing for a higher quality enema
  • Straight – through nozzles (for enema and douche)
  • Hook
  • Instruction Book
Having realized the enormous benefits of enemas and colon cleaning for health and youthfulness, the next obvious question is – Can I do an enema at home? Until some time ago, home enema kits were either very expensive or the cheap kits were of very poor quality making enemas difficult & messy.The Wellmed Enema Bag changed all that!

Most importantly, the kit is accompanied by a detailed instructions, the first ever of its kind. It makes the whole process unbelievably EASY!


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