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Slimming Machine - 10Pad Standard EMS

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Slimming Machine - 10Pad Standard EMS

R 3,841.00

The 10 Pad Standard gives the same powerful output as the larger Professional machines with a single computer controlled program.

Product Description

10Pad Standard EMS Faradic Slimming Machine

The automatically controlled pulses are varied correctly to stimulate the muscles exactly to what the body needs. This popular easy to use machine has safety features and adjustable outputs to suit the user’s exact requirements during treatment.


  • Standard Computer Program
  • Time adjustment control
  • Pulse indicator light
  • Safety on feature (Important safety feature)
  • 5 independent output controls with on and off functionality
  • 10 faradic pads
  • High quality components and chassis build for salon usage
  • End of slimming session signal


  • Power Source main 220\240 Volts AC 50\60 HZ or 110\115 Volts AC 50\60 HZ
  • Power Consumption Max 30 watts
  • Fuse Rating 1 Amps – Typical
  • Wave Form (Output) Monophasic
  • Pulse Duration (Output) 220 Micro second
  • Pulse Interval High: 11-20 Medium: 10-18 Low: 9 16 (Milli Sec)
  • Pulse Train Duration Information on request
  • Voltage output (Faradic Pad) Typically 20 volts with body contact
  • Program Format Pulse interval/pulse train duration changes up to once per minute giving a total of up to 15 variations per 15 minutes treatment and repeated for each further 15 minutes period.
  • Dimensions (L,W,H) 240x195x110
  • Weight 3.1 Kgs (Aprox.)
  • Packaged weight 5.24 Kgs

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