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Rubber Gym Flooring

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Rubber Gym Flooring

R 595.00

Our recycled Rubber Gym Flooring – Green Fleck will protect your floor and equipment. The 15mm thick and 1000mm by 1000mm wide sheets are easy to cut and shape to fit any facility.

The recycled rubber with GREEN FLECKS offers a favourable grip and the ideal thickness means it is highly durable, long lasting and avoids being permanently compressed or torn with regular use. The dimensions of each sheet of our Rubber Gym Flooring – GREEN Fleck is 15mm thick, and 1000mm by 1000mm each side. The useful dimensions are convenient when planning how much to order and use, and it is easy to cut and shape to fit accurately any facility. In addition, because they do not require you to glue them to the ground, they are portable, so if you ever move to a new location then they move with you.


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