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Plyometric Box set - 4 in 1 B2B

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Plyometric Box set - 4 in 1 B2B

R 3,790.00

Back2basics Plyometric box set

 Back2basics Plyometric box sets are made to the utmost solid construction. Featuring heavy duty structural integrity, the Back2basics Plyometric box set is built to take a pounding and help you expand your range of exercises. And, with a “Class A” rating, the Back2basics Plyometric box sets  are built to last a lifetime. The Plyometric Boxes are extremely popular with Crossfit athletes and for good reason, allowing you to load and contract muscle rapidly encouraging faster and stronger muscular contractions which will also increase your speed and agility.

 Set includes four Plyometric Boxes of various sizes:


1 x 12” Plyometric Box


Height = 31cm

Size of Base = 38cm x 38cm

Weight = 7kg


1 x 18”  Plyometric Box


Height = 46cm

Size of Top = 36cm x 36cm

Size of Base = 46cm x 46cm

Weight = 9.5kg


1 x 24”  Plyometric Box


Height = 62cm

Size of Top = 38cm x 38cm

Size of Base = 53cm x 53cm

Weight = 11.3kg


1 x 30”  Plyometric Box


Height = 78cm

Size of Top = 41cm x 41cm

Size of Base = 59cm x 59cm

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