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Muscle Works Nature's Whey 908G

Muscle Works

Muscle Works Nature's Whey 908G

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Muscle Works Nature’s Whey is a high quality protein that is made from German whey protein containing whey concentrate. It is free from all artificial additives including any flavourings, sweeteners and process aids, ideal for those looking for a very clean protein source to supplement with. High in branch chain amino acids and Glutamine. This product is ideal for those looking to support lean muscle mass or for general well being.

Whey protein isn’t just the fuel for muscle heads. It is also exceptionally important for general health and  whey protein will help you gain greater results with your exercise.

Reasons why Whey Protein is important !


Have you reduced your caloric intake hoping to shed some flab? Studies show those consuming whey lost a significantly greater amount of body fat (6.1% total) and better preserved their muscles. If you have an urge to snack on something, try a whey protein bar


Hitting the gym hard hoping to make strength gains? Researchers are showing that those who consumed the whey had greater increases in fat-free mass and muscle strength. The key is to consume whey one hour before and after the exercises.


Hungry? Whey could help you reduce hunger and avoid developing a bowling ball-shaped physique.  Consuming your whey protein beverage containing 50 grams of whey ,will significantly reduce levels of ghrelin (a hormone that tells your brain you’re hungry) up to four hours later. So instead of munching on unhealthy party snacks, drink a protein shake beforehand.


Cancer is a lethal disease that’s touched far too many family lives. Fortunately, there are ways to protect against it. One way is to get regular screenings for the specific type of cancer that may run in your family. Various studies have also concluded that whey protein may help in the fight against some common forms of cancer including prostate and colon. Simply put, whey’s lactoferrin is a cancer killer. Lactoferrin activates the innate immune system cells like the neutrophils, macrophages and T-cells. These are the first line of defense against harmful pathogens – including cancer cells.Lactoferrin triggers the production of glutathione, better known as the ‘master’ antioxidant and a powerful substance in the prevention of cancer. Research reveals that this increase in glutathione was responsible for preventing the development of prostate cancer. In addition, a clinical study with cancer patients showed a regression of patient’s tumors when given whey protein at concentration levels of 30 grams per day.


Are you feeling stressed? Don’t even think about reaching for liquor because studies conducted in the Netherlands appear to have found a far better alternative for those vulnerable to stress. Again researchers found that those who consumed whey protein experienced fewer symptoms of depression and seemed in a better mood than those who did not. They concluded that there were likely changes in the brain serotonin. Instead of drowning your sorrows in booze, opt for a refreshing whey protein shake.


Want to improve your immune system? University of Alberta researchers found that male subjects involved in strenuous aerobic activity suffered from significantly reduced glutathione levels that could impact on such things as the nervous, gastrointestinal, and immune systems. However, they also discovered that by supplementing with whey protein, the subjects experienced a significantly lesser reduction in glutathione levels. If you like extended cardio sessions, but don’t want to risk a reduction of glutathione levels, combat those effects with whey.

Choose your whey protein carefully !!

If you want a general protein supplement that will help improve your health and not break the bank (and are not lactose intolerant), pick a whey protein concentrate that is at least 80% protein. If you want apure, rapidly absorbed whey for post workout that’s easy on the stomach and you are not as concerned about other health benefits and price, try an isolate, or hydrolyzed whey isolate. Muscle works new protein called Muscle Works Nature's Whey  is superb value non GMO whey protein concentrate with no artificial flavours or sweetners, no gluten and comes from grass fed cows. Contact us for more info and pricing on this great product.

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