Rent a Home Treadmill

Rent a Treadmill (Only available in Gauteng )

Precision Fitness offers a convenient way to Rent a Treadmill for a short period of 3 months which is a minimum rental period. You can continue after your 3 month rental on a month to month basis for as long as you require.




This is a convenient way of renting a home treadmill for a short period of 3 months and you can continue thereafter if you wish on a month to month basis..

Product Description: Rent a Treadmill (Only available in Gauteng)

Precision Fitness offers a convenient way to Rent a Treadmill for a short period of 3 months which is a minimum rental period. You can continue after your 3 month rental on a month to month basis for as long as you require. This offer is only open to customers who reside in Gauteng (unfortunately this offer is not available yet on a national basis) you will need to complete a one page rental agreement explaining our simple terms and conditions.

NOTE: Please call us to check the availability of stock as it can vary from month to month. Sometimes you may have to book a treadmill as they are in demand constantly.

What treadmill do we offer for Rental?

  • We provide the PF8055 Home treadmill which has proven to be a reliable treadmill and easy to use with great features and specifications.
  • Treadmill features and specifications?
  • Console design:  LCD
  • User Weight capacity: 120kg
  • Running Board thickness: 18mm
  • Running Belt thickness: 1.8mm
  • Motor HP:  3 hp
  • Programs: P1 TO P12 Plus user programs
  • Running Belt size:  1300mm x 450mm
  • Net weight: 83kg’s
  • MP3 connection and speakers

We will provide you with a Rental Agreement which provides the terms and conditions which need to be signed and returned before a treadmill is delivered to you.

You cannot collect a treadmill yourself. Only Precision Fitness staff can deliver and install the treadmill.

Price breakdown as follows:

  • Deposit: R699.00
  • First Months Rental:  R699.00 (Rental is R699.00 per month – not for 3 months!)
  • Delivery and Installation:  R350.00
  • Collection and Removal fee: R250.00

Please note: The payment amount on the website of R699.00 is just the deposit amount. We will invoice you in full for the first months rental (or Prorata thereof) + Delivery and installation and collection.

Below are the outlines of our terms and conditions:

  1. Rental of 3 months minimum. Duration thereafter is up to you on a month to month basis.
  2. Any damage to the treadmill due to negligence and the costs of repairs will be charged to the client.
  3. A one month deposit, the first months rent, delivery and installation is payable before the treadmill gets delivered. You will be charged a collection fee separate once your rental is up.
  4. The treadmills require a standard 220 volt power supply with a dedicated 20 AMP circuit breaker. No Long extension cords are to be used and the treadmill must not share power with other appliances.
  5. Every payment thereafter will be due monthly on invoice. All invoices are sent out by the 27th of every month. Should you take delivery somewhere in the month, you will only pay Prorata for the days used in that month.
  6. The deposit will be refunded within in a 7 day period after the treadmill has been checked for damages.
  7. If we do not receive payment by the 1st of the month you will have 48 hours to confirm payment or we will dispatch a technician to uplift the treadmill.
  8. The rental covers any possible malfunctions of the treadmill or faults experienced during the rental period. The cost will be for Precision Fitness & Leisure CC during the time of your rental. Please note that the treadmill needs to be switched of at the wall during non-use.
  9. Please note: We will only deliver during the following working hours: 8.30am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday. (No weekend deliveries)
  10. Please note: Users of the treadmill must not exceed the weight limit of 100kgs. The maximum duration for each session should not exceed 1 hour as the treadmills are manufactured for home use and can overheat if workout sessions exceed 1 hour.
  11. Treadmills will not be collected over the December festive season due to staff shortages





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