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Precision Fitness - PF 62 Series - Commercial Gym Equipment

The PF 62 Series is our new range of Commercial Strength Training gym equipment. The  detail and quality can be seen in every welded joint, powder-coated finish, material used, and training angle. We believe that training equipment should feel a certain way. We build equipment that is smooth and sturdy, giving the user a sense of comfort and confidence that helps them get a better workout.
Fitness is a growing business with scores of manufacturers but numbers PRECISION FITNESS stands proudly above the others for building the strongest and most reasonably priced in the world. We also have the confidence to compare with the top international brands.

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Strength Series 62

The PF 62 SERIES gym equipment is designed with a clean and appealing look. It delivers essential strength training needs in an elegant and clean design. Ease of use makes it an inviting introduction to strength training and its effectiveness makes it ideal for returning exercisers.

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