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Our REBEL GHD Machine is a class-leading stable, sturdy and valuable piece of equipment thats fully adjustable ..

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It’s fully adjustable, making it suitable for athletes of varying heights and sizes, while the twin-pad foot-holders and hip/seat-rest ensure maximum comfort.

The REBEL GHD Machine (also known as a Glute Hamstring Developer or Roman Chair) is one of the ultimate developers of midline stability, core strength, abdominal strength, and it builds up the hamstrings and gluteus.

Also known as the Roman Chair sit-up, the (GHD) glute-ham developer sit-up is quite easily the most effective abdominal and core strengthening workout, ever. The correct use of your hip flexors, which are meant to work in collaboration with the abdominal muscles during this workout, assures stronger abs. The importance of strong abs gives you a stronger midline stabilization, which affects all movements.

Our REBEL GHD Machine is a class-leading, stable, sturdy and valuable piece of equipment. It features twin-pad foot-holders which are individually adjustable (20 height, and 16 length seating options), allowing you to shift the distance from the seat-rest and gap for your feet to fit in comfortably, as well as allowing you to change the height from the frame, making it suitable for athletes of varying heights and sizes. The foot plate is large enough to accommodate any height adjustments. The padded foot-holders and wider padded seat-rest ensure maximum comfort, while the robust frame allows it to remain steady while in use.

It measures1650mm long, 1350mm high, and 950mm at its widest. The seat is 430mm long, 600mm wide, and 220mm high.