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Garage and Home Gyms

Garage and Home Gyms

Does the idea of your own home gym sound more exciting than your current gym ? Not sure where to start ? Well no need to worry .. we've got it sorted. Whether you wish to use your garage which is more than likely full of junk or your spare room , either way, make space and get training.

We would prefer to think that your garage gym is going to be based on a OLD school form of weight training which now is referred to as Crossfit or Functional Training. There are a handful of 'must have' items of equipment. So lets say we are going to recommend the TOP 10 pieces of equipment. Let me get straight to it ..

Top 10 pieces of Garage Gym Equipment

1. Olympic Barbell ( these come in various options and prices .. )

2. Bumper Plates ( these come in various colours and prices .. )

3. Pull Up Bar - Wall Mount

4. Power Cage - ( These are available from most manufacturers .. we will provide you with what options and prices are available )

5. Jump Rope OR Battle Rope .

6. Kettlebells

7. Plyometric Box / Squat Box

8. Medicine Ball / Slam Ball

9. Weight bench ( lots of options here .. Flat type non adjustable to adjustable bench.. 0

10. Concept 2 Rower ( this forms part of almost every home gym .. for a reason ! They burn calories and work the whole body )

Garage Gym

You may well have your own list of items that you want so don't worry.. we can supply almost everything.

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