GS CRUISE Light Commercial Indoor Cycle WITH CONSOLE

This indoor cycle is a affordable quality with all the right adjustment options to give you a super quiet ride ..

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This indoor cycle is a affordable quality with all the right adjustment options to give you a super quiet ride with a belt transmission drive and variable handlebar comfort to ride like a pro ..


Gymsource Cruise Indoor Bike

  • Belt transmission system
  • Adjustable resistance with emergency stop
  • Handlebar: Vertically adjusting dipping handle bar
  • Flywheel : 20kgs CNC
  • Adjustable handle bar and seat
  • Water bottle holder
  • Maximum user weight: 130KGS
  • Product weight: 48KG
  • Dimensions: 108 X 22 X 97,5 CM

*Optional extra: Console

Gymsource Cruise Indoor Bike

Gymsource Cruise Indoor Bike

Gymsource Cruise Indoor Bike. You can have one at home or use one in the gym. The bike can help you prepare for competitive sporting events when the weather prevents you from working out outside. Whatever your requirements, the bike is the best machine for a controlled cardiovascular workout.

Because it allows for low-impact joint movement, it is also suitable for those suffering from joint problems, elderly people and pregnant women.

The main benefit of choosing this machine for your physical activity is that you will be able to perform a cardiovascular workout which has a low impact on all your joints. By using a bike consistently, you can:

  • Maximize your lung capacity and stamina for everyday life
  • Lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
  • Keep your joints constantly active.

The bike will help you keep fit for longer while providing everyday stress relief.

Advice and precautions for safe exercise

The only thing you need to remember when using a bike is to adjust the seat properly.
This will make your workout more comfortable while preventing your joints from being subjected to unnecessary stress.
This is how to do it:

  • On an indoor or classic vertical bike: climb onto the machine and hold the handlebars. Then rest the center of each foot on the pedals and make sure that the leg in the lower position is bent by 5/10 degrees
  • On a reclined bike: you have found the right position when, with both feet on the pedals, one of your legs is almost completely extended and forms an angle of 5/10 degrees