Tips on choosing a Home Treadmill

So its time to look around for that home treadmill that you have been thinking about. You are now sure that you have the right motivation to use your treadmill as so may people buy a treadmill then seldom use it.  Most times when we find out that we have purchased the wrong spec treadmill for your requirements you lose interest and have more than likely wasted hard earned money. So what do we look out for ?

  1. Firstly what are your fitness goals ? Are you the weekend warrior or a serious athlete ? This can determine what size / motor size you should look at. If you are the weekend warrior then you might only need a small 1.5hp motor treadmill and it will serve you provided you weight less than 110kg.
  2. How many family members are wanting to use the treadmill ? If it is just for you then you pick what you want. If it is for a family of runners then you will more than likely need a 3hp motor that can run continuously for a few hours before it overheats. 
  3. DC motor or AC motor ? An AC motor is mostly used for Commercial facilities as these treadmills can run continuously for 10 hours. A DC motor is smaller .. normally for home use and will only run for about 2 to 3 hours before they overheat.
  4. Features ? Do you need the treadmill to fold away after use as space is small . Make sure it is a foldable treadmill then. 
  5. More features ? Most treadmills these days offer good features . They provide heart rate training , USB options for playing your favourite music with speaker volume control etc .. 
  6. Warranty ? What is offered and can the supplier provide this ? Normally a 1 year warranty is provided.