Considering Buying and Electric Bike ?

More info to consider :

Speedy Enough: Think cars are that much faster than an e-bike? Think again. The average car speed for around-town driving is 30 kph. Average e-bike speed? A very respectable 24 kph.

•Yes, They Still Count as Exercise: A new University of Colorado Boulder study says that regular e-bike usage has health benefits. Though they’re pedal assist, a e-bike can still give you a workout, improving your cardiovascular health, fitness, and aerobic capacity. The results were most prevalent in previously sedentary riders.

•They Eliminate Much of the Heavy Lifting: Many e-bikes let you haul a load sweat-free. For example, Tail G helps you maintain an average speed of 24 kph, even when you’re bike is loaded with 180 kgs worth of rider and gear.

•Budget Travel: Many e-bikes are cheaper to operate per km than a car. According to e-bike manufacturer calculations, the average annual cost of maintaining and operating a car is R111,400. Compare that to their calculated average annual cost of maintaining and operating an e-bike, which is just R4680. The fuel's cheaper, too: the cost of a 45 Litres gasoline fill-up is about R630 (45 Litres at R14/Litre). Cost to fully charge an e-bike, on the other hand, is about R6 (480 watt/hr battery at R1.20/kwh).

•They're Kind of a Bargain: E-bikes are less expensive than you might think—in fact, you can buy one new for under R16,000. (They vary greatly in technology, design and price.)

Tech Specs

•You Can Go Long(ish): E-bikes are great for commuting and even some long-distance travel. Consider this: a car can travel about 500 kms on a tank of gas (assuming an average of 10 kms per Litres for a 2015 model year car). E-bikes go 30-96 kms per charge. (Some e-bikes even have ranges greater than electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i3.)

•It's Easy to Plug In: If you can find an outlet, you can charge your bike. Unlike electric cars, which require dedicated charging stations, most e-bikes plug in anywhere. Some even have removable batteries, which make it even more convenient to charge. ( Plan around four hours to get your e-bikes fully charged.)

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